Discovery 4/Range Rover Sport/L322 Terrafirma Premium Rear Brake Pads


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Terrafirma Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are suitable for all types of brake disc including Terrafirma CDG cross drilled and grooved brake discs

The comparative new kid on the block is the ceramic brake pad. Terrafirma Premium ceramic brake pads are composed of a dense ceramic material (like pottery fired in a kiln) with embedded copper fibres. In use since the 1980s. ceramic pads were developed as an alternative replacement for organic and semi-metallic brake pads because at the time of these types produced too much noise and dust. Ceramic pads are also generally easier on the discs than semi-metallic pads.

Suitable for following models:

  • Discovery 4 - 5.0 V8 Petrol & 3.0 V6 Diesel 
  • Range Rover L322 2010-2012 - 5.0 V8 Petrol & 3.6 Diesel 
  • Range Rover Sport 2010-2013 - 3.6 V8, 3.0 V6 Diesel & 5.0 V8 Petrol 

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