Terrafirma Defender 110 Stainless Steel Side Locker


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Terrafirma Defender 110 stainless steel side locker.

Defender 110, 1983-2006

Defender 110 hardtops and pickups have lots of unused space under the bodywork. The perfect way to make the best use of this space and the wheel arch cavities is to install one of these beautifully engineered rust-resistant stainless steel storage lockers.

Perfect for side access to tools, spares and equipment, especially on expedition and utility vehicles. Each locker has a slightly raised door allowing for a rubber seal to keep out dust and water to be incorporated effectively. A flush-fit lock and handle keep the door tightly closed. Fits Land Rover Defender 110 1983 onwards, hardtop and pickup models. The side storage locker is fitted between the cab door and the rear wheel arch on either side.

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