Freelander 1 Sheddist 1.8 Clutch Kit


  • Freelander 1 Sheddist 1.8 Clutch Kit
  • Freelander 1 Sheddist 1.8 Clutch Kit

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Freelander 1 Sheddist Kits by Dark Ice Designs for the 1.8l & 2.0 L Series engines (not Td4 or V6).

A high quality and durable clutch hydraulic system upgrade. Contains everything you need to replace the original plastic hydraulic cylinders and flexible bracket with uprated metal hydraulic cylinders, 6mm laser cut steel bracket, stainless braided hose and remote reservoir. For a better pedal feel, stronger bracket (no flex), bleeding ability and bite point adjustment. It transforms pedal feel and reliability.

I have one fitted to my L series currently for testing, it is transformed to put it mildly.


  • Metal master and slave cylinders
  • Brembo reservoir
  • Tygon clear reservoir tubing
  • HEL Stainless braided hydraulic line
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Laser cut 6mm steel bracket mk2 (stronger and stiffer)
  • Bleed Tube
  • FREE Dot 4 fluid (only for UK orders due to Airmail regulations)
  • DID Clutch height adjustment kit



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