Defender 110/130 Front Cross Drilled and Grooved Vented Brake Disc's (Pair) Terrafirma


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Terrafirma cross drilled and grooved brake discs offer increased bite from cold and excellent fade resistance. Whether it's a steep rocky descent, ploughing through mud and water or just daily driving these brake discs will give excellent stopping performance in all conditions.

Grooves expell dust and gasses and the holes help to keep the brakes cooler. Combine with good quality brake pads.

Quality machining to high tolerances using the correct materials ensure Terrafirma brake discs will withstand any test.


  • Grooves are machined into the brake disc to force away the dust and gasses
  • The cross drilling contributes to cooling and heat dissipation and also allow the gasses to escape
  • With the angled grooves it is found that they self clean in most cases


  • Product Type: Brake Disc
  • Vehicle Placement: Front


  • Land Rover Defender 110/130 2002 onwards - Wolf Type Axle

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