Defender 110/130 2" Pro Sport Maxi Dislocation Kit Terrafirma


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Terrafirma Suspension Kits have been created for convenience, ensuring the correct parts are matched and making ordering easier, quickly identifying a range of products suitable for your vehicle or application.

It is important when selecting a spring and shock kit that it suits the weight of equipment fitted to the vehicle or the load that is constantly carried. If you require different load springs front and rear the individual components must be selected from their respective ranges.

Kit Contents:

  • TF120 x2 Pro Sport front shock absorbers with an extra 2" of travel
  • TF121 x2 Pro Sport rear shock absorbers with an extra 2" of travel
  • TF501 Front coil spring dislocation cones
  • TF511 Rear coil spring dislocation cones
  • TF502 Front shock turret securing ring
  • TF504 Front Tubular shock turrets
  • TF505 Front coil spring retaining plates
  • TF507 Rear coil spring retaining plates
  • TF508 Caster corrected front radius arms 3 degree (There are NO bushes fitted to these arms)
  • TF509 Cranked rear radius arms (There are NO bushes fitted to these arms)


  • Land Rover Defender 110/130

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