ARB Essentials Recovery Kit


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With an ARB recovery kit you have the peace of mind carrying a purpose-built recovery bag filled with a selection of items that will come in handy the next time you.

Kit contains -
8,000kg snatch strap
12,000kg tree trunk protector
9,000kg snatch block
Snatch pack storage bag
Bow shackles

Tree Trunk Protector
Eliminates the risk of ring barking and helps ensure safe vehicle recover.
Min. breaking strength: 12,000kg*
Length: 3m (10)
Width: 80mm (3.15)
Stretch: N/A
Material: 100% polyester
Reinforced eyes: yes
Eye & seam protector sleeves: yes

Snap Strap
Specifically designed to stretch under load for effective vehicle to vehicle recovery.
Min. breaking strength: 8,000kg*
Length: 9m (30)
Width: 60mm (2.36)
Stretch: genuine 20%
Material: 100% nylon
Reinforced eyes: yes
Eye & seam protector sleeves: yes

Snatch Block
Enables you to retrieve loads that are double a winchs capacity by reducing the load on a winch by half.
Working load: 9,000kg*
Breaking strength: 17,500kg (38,500b)
Side plate material: 6mm (0.2) cold rolled steel
Pulley material: specialised polymer
Pulley diameter: 110mm (4.3)
Cable size: 8-13mm (0.3 - 0.5)
Weight: 2.4kg (5.3lb)
Greasable: not required

2 x 19mm (0.75) shackles rated to 4.75t.

Snatch Pack
Multi purpose canvas bag with reflective tape for night recover

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