Terrafirma Range Rover Evoque 2.0 Petrol/2.2 Td4 Performance Air Filter (LR029078)


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Terrafirma Range Rover Evoque 2.0 petrol/2.2 td4 performance air filter (LR029078).

Range Rover Evoque, 2.0 Petrol/2.2 Td4, 2012 Onwards

Terrafirma foam air filters are produced by Pipercross, leaders in foam filter technology. The air filters are a direct replacement for the original paper element giving 30% more airflow and a lifetime washable air filter without increasing induction sound. When airborne dirt particles are trapped by a standard paper or cotton filter, there is a reduction in airflow and power. With the high-performance deep foam construction of the Terrafirma foam filter, the air can bypass the trapped dirt, thus maintaining airflow and engine power.

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